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Site Development

CNH Case New Holland in Goodfield, IL

CNH Case New Holland
  • 2,500 cyd of unsuitable soil excavation and replacement
  • Excavate and stockpile 2,600 cyd of soil from proposed building site
  • Complete site grading package including stormwater retention basin, site paving and grading, and grading the 167,000 sft building pad
  • Install, grade, and compact 16,000 tons of aggregate surface stone
  • Finish grading the 14.1 acre site

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ISU Cardinal Court in Normal, IL

ISU Cardinal Court
  • Demolition of building and site pavement
  • Crushing and recycling of site brick, concrete, and asphalt
  • Cut and fill site to proposed sub grade
  • Supply and place site topsoil

Caterpillar Hangar in Peoria, IL

Caterpillar Hangar
  • Excavated and stockpiled approximately 265,000 cyd of soils
  • Complete site grading package including building pad grading, foundation excavation, and backfill, final site grading on 19 acre site

Bradley University Quad in Peoria, IL

Bradley University Quad
  • Site Pavement and storm sewer demolition
  • Excavate and export approximately 3,000 cyd of soils
  • Installed storm sewer
  • Final grade paving, sidewalks, and lawn areas

Caterpillar Visitors Center in Peoria, IL

Caterpillar Visitors Center
  • Site demolition
  • Supply, place, and compact 23,000 tons of structural fill for site
  • Excavated and backfill building foundations
  • Finish grade building pad and site

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Bel-Wood Nursing Home in Peoria, IL

Bel-Wood Nursing Home
  • Removed and disposed of existing site paving
  • Excavated and exported 6,000 cyd of soils
  • Finish grade and supplied topsoil for the 7.9 acre site
  • Supply, place, and compact aggregate base course for all the project paving

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Komatsu in Peoria, IL

  • Excavated and stockpiled approximately 18,000 cyd soils
  • Place and compact structural fill to establish building pad
  • Supply and install storm sewer system near new structure
  • Final grading of proposed concrete and lawn areas on site

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Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge

Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge
  • Processed and placed approximately 9,200 ton of on site concrete as RR4 riprap for erosion control
  • Cut and fill approximately 3,500 cyd on site to establish subgrade
  • Supplied and placed roadway fabric and approximately 18,500 tons of aggregate for roadways
  • Supplied and installed storm sewer
  • Final graded site and gravel walking trails

Eureka College Student Housing in Eureka, IL

Eureka College Student Housing
  • Performed Excavation and Backfill for Building Basement
  • Performed Excavation, Grading, and Aggregate Base for Site Concrete Paving and Sidewalks.
  • Performed Topsoil Placement and Final Grading for Lawn Areas.

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